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Virginie Wedding Planner is a Wedding Design company based in Dubai. Throughout her 10 years of experience in this lavish industry, French Designer Virginie, invites you to share her endless passion for weddings and design the most unique day of your life

I believe that weddings truly reflect the personalities of the bride, the groom and their families. My intention is that you and your guests leave with a lasting impression of a place and time that was carefully and artfully conceived. I meet with you and open to the  possibilities. I explore and refine your dream.

STEP 1: Consultation
STEP 2: Proposal & Planning
STEP 3: Executing the Design Plan


virginie wedding planner dubai
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Virginie Wedding Planning & Design based in Dubai-UAE. Virginie is French's top luxury wedding planner.

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I dedicate myself to making that dream into an enjoyable reality...

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Take a look through our Koosha design gallery to view a few of our favorite looks.